About Pandit Ji

About Pandit Ji

Writing about the experience of an astrologer can be a great way to share his knowledge and insights with others. To start with, it is interesting to write about Pandit ji’s journey as an astrologer - how he got interested in astrology is very interesting as in his young age he did not believe in astrology though his dad used to do research in astrology that time in 90’s.

During that period his dad’s predictions inspired him to learn it from him and that’s how Pandit ji developed interest in astrology and he started studying different horoscopes and used to discuss with his dad about interpretation and under his guidance he got all secrets of different planetary position while studying and analysis those horoscope .In this way he studied thousands of horoscope and also did matchmaking of hundreds of couple under the guidance of his dad and came to realize that match making is a very tough and specialized field and it is not just match making of 36 Ganas but the overall match of frequency of planetary positions of the two horoscopes.

During all these years he met hundreds and thousands of persons including Doctors, Scientists, Professors, Media Professionals, MLAs and MPs, Lawyers, Teachers, Business Persons, Engineers, CAs, MBAs, Police Officers, Commissioner Income Tax and Tax Inspectors.

He also has many caesarean birth success stories. All caesarean cases for which he has decided the birth date and time are doing very well in their respective fields. And he had also suggested a few surgery dates for some kidney transplant cases and by the grace of God all are doing well.

His different techniques and tools were live astrology as he studied thousands of horoscopes and did successful matchmaking of hundreds of couples. Along with this he also worked on events such as daily share market moments globally, results of cricket matches and live horse racing results. In this way he analyzed live impact of planetary moments on these events globally on a daily basis.